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Discover the heartwarming world of family-owned ice cream trucks and their delightful presence in neighborhoods.

Meet Our Family

Take a look inside the world of our family’s ice cream trucks, where passion meets frozen joy. The passionate founders and employees of Classic Cone are inspired to serve up smiles and produce unique experiences. Every scoop gets a further boost of excitement from them because of their kind dispositions and sincere passion. 

A Delicious Journey

Prepare for a savory path through a world of delicious and distinctive ice cream tastes. Every taste is catered to by the variety of delicious sweets available from our family’s ice cream trucks. There is a taste to satiate every appetite, from time-honored favorites like rich chocolate and creamy vanilla to cutting-edge concoctions like salted caramel swirl and lavender honey. To ensure a flavor explosion in every bite, the best ingredients are carefully selected for each scoop. Get ready for an incredible tasting experience that will have you begging for more.

Making People Happy

At our family’s ice cream trucks, our main goal is to make people happy. We take pride in the pleasant contacts we have with our consumers, which leads to nostalgic and joyful times. These connections make our work incredibly satisfying, from witnessing children’s big smiles to adults sharing stories about their own formative years. Whether it’s a birthday party, a get-together with friends, or just a sunny day, we value the chance to share in your important moments. Join us as we stitch together an artwork of joyful memories.

Wonderful Occasions

Our family’s ice cream trucks will elevate your special moments. We’re here to enhance your celebrations with an extra dose of sweetness and joy, making them genuinely special. Classic Cone ice cream trucks can serve your needs whether it’s a birthday party, wedding reception, corporate event, or neighborhood gathering. Imagine the excitement as guests assemble, selecting their preferred flavors to make their own mouthwatering sundaes. Everyone can enjoy the straightforward pleasure of our frozen sweets, young or old. Let us make your upcoming event memorable by bringing the fun of our ice cream trucks!

Join Classic Cone Ice Cream Trucks

Our family ice cream trucks are committed to spreading pure joy through delectable desserts with every scoop and every smile. We put our hearts into each scoop of ice cream because we think that even small pleasures can have a significant impact on our lives. We want to create happy moments that remain long after the ice cream has been consumed, from the very first taste to the very last bite.

Therefore, we warmly welcome you to look for your neighborhood family ice cream trucks and set off on an enjoyable adventure that will leave you with priceless memories. Allow the ice cream truck’s jingle and the thrill of selecting your favorite flavor to excite you. Bring your loved ones together, follow the ice cream truck down the street, and savor the allure of frozen treats.